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RDKS-01, RDKS-01A speed control uni
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Disconnect the mechanism at a threshold deviation of its speed from nominal. Consist of the sensor and the relay of speed which connect among themselves the unscreened line. On the same line on the sensor from the relay of speed the supply voltage moves (to 15 V a post. current). Devices are...
Group: Sensors: velocity, acceleration
ST-3, ST-4, ST-5, ST-6 transformer railway (ST-3S, ST-4A-1 ST-4MP of CT-5A-1 ST-5MP of CT-6A-1 ST-6MP, ST-4G, ST-5G, ST-6G, ST-3SP, ST-4P, ST-5P, ST-6P)
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The transformer alarm CT-4,5,6 is intended for operation in the continuous mode as a part of the equipment of the alarm system, centralization and blocking on the railroads in chains of alternating current. Transformer service conditions: - temperature of air is from +40 °C to -60 °C; - relative...
Group: Transformers of a pressure
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WE OFFER RELAY UNITS SD-I, VDP-I, VD-I, VB-I, VG-I, VTS-I, VCH-I, NPMKH2-I M1-I, M2-I, M3-I, MT-I, NMKH2-I, JV-and, Unitary Enterprise-and, Mpkh3-I, Ogkh3-I, MUPh2-I, MUS1-I, MUS2-I, MUS2DKH2-I, MUSO-I, PI-I, DVD-I, SVD-I, SV-I, K-I, MPU-I, PST-I, PS-I, P-MN, UP-MN, SP-MN, 0G1-MN, M1-MN, M2-MN,...
Group: Railway equipment and spare parts
Block of resistance KF-22M
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Block of resistance KF-22M Blocks of resistance KF-22M are intended for start-up, braking and regulation of rotational speed of crane electric motors of direct and alternating current. Can be applied as additional or digit resistance in chains of coils of electromagnetic devices. Resistance are...
Group: Units of resistors for cranes
Gas analyzer of testo 350 XL modular
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testo 350 XL is equipped with O2, CO (has function of a purge), has the block of preparation for test selection, 2 sockets for measurement of temperatures, measures differential pressure, it is possible to equip in addition the device with sensors for measurements of at most 4 gases (NO/NO2/SO2),...
Group: Gas analyzer
GIAM-315 gas analyzer
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GIAM-315 gas analyzer GIAM-315 is applied to measurement of total mass associations of C1 saturated hydrocarbons - C10 (in terms of carbon) under control of overestimate of maximum concentration limit in air where works are carried out. Area of use of a gas analyzer GIAM-315: in the course of...
Group: Gas analyzer
Gas analyzer - a signaling device the Signal-02 (portable)
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Gas analyzer - a signaling device the Signal-02 (portable) Basic purpose of a signaling device "Signal-02" it is necessary to call search and lokalizatsiyuutechek explosive gases and vapors. The SIGNAL-02 device works as follows: it determines gas contamination level in rooms (wells, cellars,...
Group: Gas analyzer
Gas analyzer Kolion 1V-05
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Gas analyzer Kolion 1V-05 KOLION-1V-05 - the gas analyzer, is intended for measurement of air in a working zone on the content of vapors of oil products and oil, hydrocarbons (except ethane, propane and methane), alcohols (except for methanol), organic solvents, ammonia and other substances,...
Group: Gas analyzer
Gas analyzer Kolion 1V-26
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Gas analyzer Kolion 1V-26 Mission of the four-detector figurative analyzer of gases Kolion 1V-26: - for one-stage determination of concentration (dovzryvoopasny) hydrocarbons, since methane, determination of level of carbon oxide and oxygen (selective), and also their their concentration in air...
Group: Gas analyzer
Sensor signaling device of STM-30 combustible gases
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Sensor signaling device of STM-30 combustible gases The signaling device of STM-30 is applied to continuous control in the automatic mode of dovzryvny concentration of mixes of the combustible gases and vapors consisting of several components. It is used in air of rooms and open spaces. The...
Group: Gauges of gas
Linear shtyrevy insulator ShTIZ-20-B
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The design of an insulator includes metal ogolovka to which the wire interfering falling of a wire fastens. The impossibility of falling of a wire on the earth excludes traumatism. The glass detail from the tempered glass prevents a possibility of the hidden short circuit on the earth, prevents...
Group: Electrical insulators
Portable gas analyzer MONOLIT
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Portable gas analyzer MONOLITH Appointment and scope of a gas analyzer Monolith The portable gas analyzer "Monolith" with small dimensions is developed for definition of availability of the polluting substances in industrial emissions of installations for combustion of fuel during implementation...
Group: Gas analyzer


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